our mission
Our mission is to care for at risk animals in our community. Our efforts include the rescue & rehabilitation of sick, injured, and very young animals, the promotion of sterilization & vaccination campaigns, placement of rescued animals in new homes, promotion of responsible pet ownership, and denunciation of mistreatment & abandonment of pets.

  our history
Pro Animal Melaque grew out of the informal rescue of animals that many of us have been doing for years. By formalizing our relationship & our mission, we hope to be able to focus on identifying, rescuing & rehabilitating the animals that need it most in our community. We became a legally recognized non-profit Civil Association in the state of Jalisco on March 7, 2012.

We know we cannot begin to offer aid to all the animals which are in need. We have a limited number of foster families, limited space in our emergency shelter, a limited number of volunteers, and limited funding to fulfill our mission. We do the best we can within these limitations, and are proud of the work we can accomplish.

  We rescue street animals with medical needs, such as injured limbs, skin disorders, parasites, tvt, & malnutrition.  

We attend to their medical needs.

We provide temporary housing for animals that are in our care, either with a foster home or in our limited intake shelter.

We provide temporary housing for very young orphaned animals, attend to their medical needs, have them vaccinated & neutered when they are of age, and place them in new homes.

We put on free sterilizations campaigns, open to the public.  .

We do community outreach about the need for responsible pet ownership, including the necessity of sterilizing all pets.

Our outreach extends to the local primary schools to reach young people with our message.


We do not accept healthy abandoned animals into our system. It is only for sick & injured homeless animals that are in recovery, or very young animals that cannot fend for themselves.

We do not place a time limit on adoptable pets. They can stay with us until they are placed
in good homes.

We do not accept new animals when our system is at maximum capacity.

We do not provide care for animals that have owners.

We do not board animals that have owners.

We do not euthanize healthy animals.

We do not offer 24-hour on-call rescue service.

We are not animal control officers.


founding board members

Christine Marie Hocker, President
Maribel Lopez Sosa, Secretary
Anne Crippen Michelson, Treasurer
Maria de Los Angelina Soltero GarciaTrustee
Adalberto Vigil Abundis, Trustee
Sharon Kohl Fritz, Head of Fundraising

Christine Marie Hocker is a founding member and is the President and Legal Representative of Pro Animal Melaque.  Christine is a locally well-known teacher with extensive contacts throughout the community.  She has been rescuing animals in Melaque for many years. Christine oversees our administrative needs, but says that her favorite activity with Pro Animal Melaque is caring for the rescued animals.  She also enjoys reaching out to the community to educate, raise consciousness & promote animal welfare.  Christine shares her home with one rescued dog and 2 rescued cats.

Maribel Lopez Sosa is a founding member of Pro Animal Melaque and is Secretary of our Board. She is a Melaque business owner with a huge love for animals. Maribel has rescued numerous animals in our area and currently has 3 rescue dogs as part of her family. Maribel provides a lot of energy to our group, and is in charge of our program to teach responsible pet ownership in the local primary schools.   She does outreach to similar groups in Mexico, and is our liaison with the State Health Department.  Through Pro Animal Melaque she is realizing her dream of providing at risk animals with the care and respect that they deserve.

Anne Michelson is a founding member and is the current Treasurer of Pro Animal Melaque.   Anne is an avid animal rescuer and kindly opens her home & heart to animals in need.   Anne splits her time between Melaque & Seattle, so she not only is actively involved in the daily care of animals in Melaque, but also promotes our group north of the border.  Anne is great at identifying at risk animals and does not hesitate to reach out to the animals in most dire need of our help.  She also keeps our books in order.   Anne has generously provided the safe place where we shelter our rescued animals.  She shares her homes with 3 rescued cats.

Angelina Soltero
is a founding member of Pro Animal Melaque and is President of our Supervisory Board.   Many of you know her as the popular singer Angelina Sol.  Angie has strong roots in Melaque and is always on the lookout for animals in need.  She is great at promoting sterilization of animals among our community.   Angie enthusiastically lends her time & talent to our cause. 

Adalberto Vigil Abundis is a founding member of Pro Animal Melaque and is Secretary of our Supervisory Board.  He also sees to many of our animals’ medical needs. Dr. Beto is a Melaque native, high school teacher, and a trusted local veterinarian.  He strongly promotes animal welfare in our community and is actively involved in sterilization campaigns.

Sharon Kohl Fritz is our fundraiser extraordinaire.  Her creative ideas, energy & commitment make it financially possible for Pro Animal Melaque to carry out its mission.  Sharon uses her people skills and extensive contacts in the community to hold several amazing events each year. Sharon also is a talented seamstress who helps us by making collars for our animals & aprons for our volunteers.  Please let Sharon know if you’d like to help with her fundraising efforts.  Sharon lives in Barra with her rescued cats, Buddha & Bodhi.

contact us

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If you would like to get involved then please message us on facebook or E-mail us at: proanimalmelaque@gmail.com

PROANIME, A.C. (RFC PRO120224NV4) is legally registered Asociacion Civil (non-profit) in the state of Jalisco, Mexico.